Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On October 29th, we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out Pumpkins to carve. Here is Talan wheeling this mini wheelbarrow around. He was so cute.

Here is Tayge's Pumpkin, big brother carrying it.

All 3 Pumpkins barely fit in his wheelbarrow, it was funny to watch Micah wheel it cause it was so wobbely.

It was a fast picking for the Pumpkins cause it was so cold. I noticed as I looked at the picture after I took this photo, that Tayge's sock is missing. I felt so bad, here it is 40*, and my sons sock is gone and his foot is cold. :( His feet are so chunky that I cant find any shoes to fit. Poor kid, Im going to have to find a shoe cause he cant go shoeless in winter. I did have him all wrapped up in a blanket though during the hunt for Pumpkins so hopefully he wasnt too cold.

Talan cleaning out his first Pumpkin. He was afraid to get his hand in there. I dont think he realized what the gooeyness was about.

Carving, Talan is all about Independence and wanting to do everything himself. This was scary to watch cause he has a mini carving knife and he thinks he knows what he is doing.

My two cute boys, Talan is proud of his Pumpkin Carving (with the help of Mom) and Tayge is just happy to be pounding on the pumpkin. His Pumpkin was next.

The finished product, Tayge's pumpkin was a Lil Gremlin, Talan's was the Boo and mine was the Skeleton.
My Trick-or-Treaters, arent they cute.

My little Monkey, I call him my Monkey so the outfit was very fitting. It was thought out of course.

Talan wanted to be Spiderman. It almost didnt happen cause it seemed to be a popular costume for his age, but I found one. Yay for me, he was one happy Spiderman.

Tayge's first time seeing what Trick or Treating was all about. He had a good time, never fussed just watched Talan run house to house and Tayge just followed his bro. He went to a few houses but he was pretty content and warm in the stroller. I cant wait to see him do it next year.

I love Halloween, its so much fun watching your kids do what you did everyyear growing up. I loved Trick-or-Treating so its fun to still be able to do it and watch your kids have so much fun. It brings the kids out in ya. I cant believe that its my turn now to take out my kids and watch them go door to door.

Micah was a Hunter, and I of course was a Witch. I called him the the Witch Hunter, hahahaha. Its fitting right? Here's Micah being silly. He's never serious, thats Micah though.

My Family

Its so cute to watch him go up to the door. He would knock and as soon as they would answer the door his little voice would say "Trick-or-Treat", it was so cute. Then he would say "Thank You" after they gave him candy. It was so funny and cute. What a polite trick or treater.

Talan was so into the candy bucket in the orange bucket, He was trying to pick out which one he wanted that he didnt even notice the Goblin behind him. Once he picked one, he looked up and didnt like what he saw. It was funny and sad all at the same time.

We went Trick-or-Treating in Daybreak. We like to go there everyyear even though we dont live in there because there is so many kids and neighbors who really get into it. My friend Amanda lives right next to Daybreak so we go with her and her kids for the past 3 yrs. People turn there porches into mini haunted houses, people hanging out in front of there yards doing bon fires and passing out candy and there are a lot of kids running around so it makes it so fun. There was this man dressed up in front of his house walking around, Talan didnt like him so I thought Amanda and I would take a picture with him.

It was a very fun night. Talan had a bucket full of candy, and was worn out at the end of the night. I cant wait for Tayge to run around next yr and see what its all about.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah

On Saturday October 24th I thre Micah a Surprise Party at Carver's. Everything turned out perfect. He had no idea, so everything went as planned. We had all of his friends and a combo of my friends their. It was a fun night.

I had a cake made for Micah. It was a Lamborghini Gallardo. His dream is to have one some day. So I made a replica of what he wants, color and all. Therefor his dream came true in some way. It was very yummy and a hit.

Markus and Micah. I hope your night was great babe. I Love You!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Talan your 3 years old!

On Sat October 11th we celebrated Talans birthday with my family and Micahs family. Talan loves Spiderman right now so I thought we would make the theme Spiderman and he could dress up in his Halloween Costume for it. Here is my dad playing with Talan. He loves his Papa.
Tayge just staring at my dad, probably at the hairy beard. Its so cute to see my dad get to his level and just interact and make Tayge laugh.

Talan and Daddy flexing, showing their strong muscles.
Talan and Aunt Nana
Talan got alot of fun new toys. Also very loud, thanks everyone.
Tayge just stared at the presents wishes he had something to open :( or maybe he just wanted the paper, who knows.
Grandpa helping Talan blowing out the candles.
The cake

Today was Talans actual Birthday October 16th. We had gotten him a scooter and a nice new wardrobe for winter.
My Boys, I hope you had a fun day Talan.

The next day October 17th we threw a party with his friends. I had the theme as Race Cars cause he likes them and had some Carnival games and a Cotton Candy machine in the backyard. It turned out to be a really nice day I was excited. Here is Talan and his buddy next door Maddox.
I gave the boys Tatoos on their face, its kinda hard to see, but it is a racecar.
Talans buddies, Malakai, Maddox and Talan.

His Racecar cake, she did such a good job, it was also very delicious. This cake and the Spiderman cake were done by the same lady. Her website is, she does great work.

Talan opening presents, he was so excited to open them. I dont even think he finished opening one present before off to another.
The games before it got crazy.

Cotton Candy, I was a pro I must say. I had a wonderful day, Thank You Talan for a great day. I had so much fun with you, I hope you did too. Your birthday to me is a great memory and it will always be cherished. I Love You!