Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went to Hawaii for our Anniversary vacation. We like to do one every year so Micah and I can relax together and celebrate another year of marriage. This year we wanted to go to Hawaii, We stayed on Oahu's North Shore at Turtle Bay. It was such a beautiful place. Here are some pictures, I couldnt pick just a few cause I loved so many of them so there are lots of them.

Turtle Bay Resort

View from our room

These are pictures of the grounds around the hotel.

We got there on Saturday June 13th in the afternoon. We walked around the hotel and sat on the beach.

Sunday we just laid out all day on the beach and relaxed. It was nice not having any plans and just doing whatever we wanted.

On Monday we went to Waikiki for the day to watch the surfers. This time of the year the waves are good on Waikiki. Last time we went to Hawaii we stayed in Waikiki, it was fun last time but I wanted something calmer and more of that Hawaiian feel. I think North Shore is better cause you get more of a island feel over there, and the big mountains and the lush vegetation, then if you want to have a faster pace day you can drive to Waikiki and hang out there for a change. It depends on what your going for I guess.

Driving to Waikiki

Waikiki Beach

Monday night we went to this resturant on the beach at the resort. Its so relaxing to watch the ocean. I can never get sick of looking at it. Usually I always see wild dolphins jumping, I know its crazy but I really do. I love Dolphins.

On Tuesday we went beach hopping. This is Waimea Falls, its right by Waimea Beach.

Waimea Beach, the water at this beach was absolutely beautiful. It was so clear, and I loved to turcoise blue.

This beach is a perfect place to snorkel, there's lot of coral and turtles. This turtle was swimming right by the shore.

This is Sunset Beach

See wild Dolphins, there was so many of them. Its so neat to see them out there swimming together. We saw a seal too that came right to the shore, its head was sticking out of the water it was so cute. I went to grab my camera and it went under water and swam away. The ocean is so neat to me, its so unknown and so much life that swims around that we never see. Next time your around the ocean just stare out into the water, I bet you will see marine life.

Later that night we went to a Luau ar Paradise Cove. This man climbed a Coconut Tree to show us how they get the coconuts.

I love exotic flowers, maybe cause I never see them but they are so beautiful. The Hibiscus and Birds of Paradise are my fav.

At the Luau they had tables to make stuff and I made this bracelet with flowers.

I loved the sunsets there, they were awesome.

The sun right as it was going down at the Luau

Wednesday we went back to Wakiki and went to the swap meet to buy gifts, after we went to Waikiki beach to watch surfers again and hang out at night. There isnt a lot of night life on North shore.

Micah kept making me laugh when we took a this picture, so we had to keep doing it over. He's a goofball.

We saw this hammock hanging on the beach so we thought cool lets go sit in it. There was a couple in a hammock right next to it so when we sat down they looked at us like we were crowding their space. We got to talking to them and they told us that the hammock we were in was theirs. They brought two of them and hung them up, we were so embarassed. They were locals that were trying to have a quiet night on the beach and we came walking right up and sat in their hammock while they were cuddling in one. So we got up and left them alone but we all thought it was so funny that we took a picture in their hammock. Good Times.

This is Thursday morning sunrise.

We went back to Waimea Beach on thursday. I loved this beach, it was so pretty. I wanted to snorkel and jump off the rock cliff.

There I am jumping off the rock, it was so fun that I did it again. I've never done anything like that before it was scary and such a rush.

This is me attempting to surf. I dont know if you call it surfing but I would start at the shore when the wave came up and try to ride it out. Its hard and eventually I hurt myself.

There I go, falling.

This was a water rescue dog that went swimming everday in the ocean with its owner. He was so big and fluffy.

Friday we drove around the hills and went to a little town called Haliewa.

We stopped at Sunset Beach and there were 4 turtles just basking in the sun on the sand. It was amazing to actually see these animals up close. I guess there is a lot of algae around that area and they eat and then lay on the beach and soak up the sun. At night they go back into the water.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Air Show

On Sunday June 7th we went to The Hill Air Force Base to see the Air Show. I LOVE the Air Show. It comes to Utah every few years, and the last time it was here I was pregnant with Talan. I was so excited to take him this year. My brother works up at the base and works on the C130. When I was growing up he was in the Air Force so I had the opportunity to see air shows when I was younger. I remember flying to Texas one year where he was stationed and he took me into the cockpit and let me push all the buttons. I will never forget that. I kept asking the bro when they were coming back cause I couldnt wait for Talan to see it. Talan loves Airplanes, he gets to excited everytime he see's one in the sky. So we decorated his room in planes, I thought this would be a great thing to take him to.
This is during the National Anthem. We had him be a big boy and take his hat off.

This plane was awesome, you can tell just by its art work on the plane.

The Air Show was supposed to start at 10 am and it was a down pour all morning. We were on our way and thought it was going to be cancelled, I was so bummed cause Talan was so excited and kept asking where the planes were. I thought no way is this going to cancel. We continued up their and micah and I were talking saying that if they cancel it we will go to the Airport and watch planes take off so Talan didnt think we lied to him. Luckily they continued to let people come on the base and just waited for the storm to pass. It finally started around 1:30. YAY! So Talan got to see the planes fly and do tricks. I think I was more excited personally. We were definately prepared to brave the storm. My dad brought big garbage bags and we made raincoats. Good thinking dad.

Talans cool Air Force hat and umbrella that kept him dry. First time holding and umbrella, he liked it. He wanted to hold it up even after it stopped.

Micah's garbage bag for a coat and Talan. Micah continued to wear the bag after the storm had passed. I had to tell him to finally take it off.

This Oracle plane cut a ribbon just feet off the gound.

So I thought Talan would love the air tricks and I was wrong, or maybe it was cause he didnt have time to get use to the loud noise. Their was a Veitnam plane flying around and it was so loud that your insides would rumble. So he ran to nana (my stepmom) for cover. He fell asleep and when he woke up it was like he forgot all about being scared. He loved the show later even when loud planes were flying. Maybe its cause he was tired.

Its so amazing what these pilots can do. This plane is flying upside down feet from the ground and cut a ribbon. Best of all about this one is that its a girl flying it. She did great.

My Dad, Me and Rhonda (stepmom)

My sis Cortney (aunt Coco) and Me.

From left to right is and F-22, F-16, C-130 and not sure on the end one. Sorry.

Micah's sister Cassie (Aunt Cici) her husband Alex, Micah and Talan

Cortney, Me, Kory, Dad

This was so neat all these planes flying together. The plane pointing up to the sky is my favorite. Its an F-22 and it can be completely vertical in the air and hover in one spot like it has stopped and then shoot into the air like a rocket. It is a secret aircraft that is used in war that can shoot airplanes down while in flight and it has this special metal coating on it that cannot be detected through radar so noone knows where they are so they cant get shot down. Its simply an amazing aircraft.

My Favorite Plane again the F-22 close up.

Talan waving the flag.

The best part of the show is the Thunderbirds. Another favorite of mine. I think anyone would agree. This is the finalee and they are so cool. There are 6 of them and they do a lot of tricks in the air. These make you want to fly. They have really neat formations as they fly and they are so insync that it looks like the are all connected in a way. They would do this trick and two would come at eachother head on like they were going to collide and at the last minute turn sideways and miss eachother. Of course it looks that way but im sure they are pretty far apart from eachother.

The Thunderbirds before they take off.

Im so happy Talan got to have this experience, it will be something that I will take him to every chance I can. Its truly amazing what these men and women do for us everday. I cant wait till Talan can understand what these planes and people do to protect us. Thank You to everyone out there continuing to fight for our freedom and my childrens future. God Bless!