Sunday, August 30, 2009

Talan's Portapotty

So I just have to blog about his because I am in shock, not to mention discusted. Talan was outside playing and I brought him in to go down for some quiet time. I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom before. He said "No, I went poo poo outside." I said "what"? Show me, cause I really didnt think he would go to the bathroom outside. We went out and he pointed to the spot where he dropped off the kids and there was nothing to be found. I asked him where it was and he said "the doggies ate it". SICK!!! My dogs which im assuming was Kona, ate my sons POO. That is terrible. I was discusted and now all I can do is laugh. I explained to him that we dont go potty outside unless its a must and no potties are around. I guess I taught him a bad lesson cause yesterday we were at a Family Reunion outside at a pond in Salem and Talan needed to go to the bathroom. I took him to these bathrooms but he was afraid to go into them so I thought to myself, no one is around I will cover him and let him pee on a tree. First time for everything right, the joys of being a boy. So maybe thats my fault, I taught him to go potty outside. My bad.

Never again.....

We bought Talan a Swingset back in May and havent set it up. Last weekend we decided that we better get it up so Talan has some time to enjoy it. So Micah and my Dad started on it last Sunday.

Talan trying to help. He even brought out his own tools. It was funny, he was using his hammer and Power Tool and completely thought he was helping. Thanks bud.

These directions were so confusing to follow, it took almost half the day to get to this point. My dad went home and were going to finish it later.

Well it didnt get done and Micah had to go out of town and Talan kep talking about it, so I decided to go out and try to do it myself. This was very intimidating cause I dont know how to read directions and put stuff together. Well, this is what I had accomplished all by myself. I must say I am very proud of myself.

Here is the finished result. I should do this for a living, hahaha. Micah came home and it was all done. He was very impressed. I have to admit that my dad came out and helped me put on the slide on and attach the crossbar with the swings on it. That was a two person job. But Im very impressed, it was a hard job and I will never do this again. Talan loves it, mission accomplished.

Tayge 7 Months!

My little Monkey is 7 months. He is such a happy little man, he brightens my day from the minute I get him out of bed. When I walk in to get him he is peeking over his crib and has a smile from ear to ear. Here he is stnding pretty much all by himself wih a little help from daddy's leg. He is constanly trying move around. Im sure he will be walking around 9 months like Talan. He is a busy body.
We started giving Tayge baby food. This is his first feeding and he is not a fan. He prefers his milk and milk only. I bet he will be a picky eater.

A look of discust.

He kept spitting it out and wanted nothing to do with it. He would quiver evertime it went into his mouth. He was a mess after.

I love watching my boys sleep. Its a look of complete content. They are so sweet and innocent. You forget about the stressful times, and know that they are worth it. I love the way he sleeps like this, Micah and I call it the A-Frame.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy Time

Grandma (Micah's mom) got Talan this kit of sponge animals that grow in water. They start out as a little pill and when you place it in a cup of warm water they grow into animals or bugs. Talan asked daddy to do it with him on sunday to they sat down and did all of them.
There is the pill that it starts from.

A snail.

The finished product. He now likes to play with them during bath time.

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for Rasberry Days. We took Talan to the Craft Fair where they had rides and activities for kids. He rode this train that was made out of barrels.

Talan loves Trampolines, he saw kids harnessed to bungee cords and jumping on trampolines doing tricks. I tried to explain that its not like jumping on a normal one but he was very persistent about doing it so I let him try it. We waited in line and he was so excited to get on. I thought "wow my little man is actually going to do this". I was so excited to see this.

Here he is getting set up to jump.
So I was right, there was no way he was foing this. The minute they tightened up the cords he freaked. Oh well, maybe next year. At least he tried right?

This is more of Talans forte. He loved down this slide, his little body flew down it so fast.

Here's Tayge at the beach for the first time. Micahs aunt has a Cabin at Bear Lake and we try to go up a few times during the year. This was the first time we had come up this year, Talan loved playing in the water and so did the dogs. Our dogs love the lake, they go swimming all day. By the time we go home for the weekend they are pooped. Believe me when I say they sleep for days when we get back. Tayge got his fingers through the sand and also got to taste it for the first time. Why is it that they continue to keep putting it in their mouth, you would think they wouldnt like to texture.

Little feet in the sand.


July 3rd we went to the Riverton City Carnival. This year was a lot more fun because Talan was brave enough to ride the rides. Last year he wasnt about to get close to a ride.
He rode this train a lot, I cant even tell how many times.

This ride was funny to watch him ride. He had no idea that it went up in the air, once it did he freaked and they had to stop the ride and he got off. We will just stick to the straight and narrow rides for now.

Daddy won this Nemo to Talan. He loved it. He has to sleep with it in his bed. That was one expensive fish. Those Carni's know how to keep you playing.

We took Talan and Tayge to the 4th of July parade in Murray. It is my favorite parade, I have gone to it every year. Even when I didnt have kids, Im glad that I have little ones to enjoy it with.

Baby Tayge picking the grass.

On the 24th of July we went to the Parade downtown, (Pioneer Day Parade). They had great floats and Talan loved the horses.

Mommy and Tayge. He is in aww with all the comotion.

After the Parade we took Talan to Gardner Village to ride the Ponies and pet the animals. He was so brave he walked right up to them and started petting them.

Now getting to ride the Pony was a chore. We tried the pony first ans he freaked out. Then we decided to do the Petting Zoo. We tried to leave after and he started crying cause he want to ride the pony. We decided to give it one more try, so he picked the littlest one and he rode it like a champ.