Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tayge is 3 Months

I cant believe how time flies. Tayge is 3 months. He is so much fun right now. Its funny how you want them to stay so little but every stage is so much fun. I miss the little newborn, but Im loving the smiling and cooing. He is getting to be such a chunck. I love it.
He of course cant sit up yet so I roll up a blanket and put it behind him so he can help support himself. He is already getting so strong. He will hold onto my fingers and stand on my lap all by himself, he is going to try to keep up with his brother I can just tell.

What a STUD!

This is Tayge every morning. He is all smiles, he loves to be talked to and he will just grin ear to ear.

Look at those eyes. He's got some big ones just like mommy. I love you buddy.

As for the other men in my life, Micah took Talan fishing for the first time April 18th. He had so much fun, he learned how to reel in a fish and caught some seaweed. He still talks about going fishing with daddy. They will have a blast this summer.

Talan and Aunt Breanna just after he caught the fish with some help of course. He wouldnt dare touch the fish.

Talan with his little fishing pole.

Talan and Grandpa playing with the pole waiting for more fish. He wanted to cast it all the time.

Talans face was so red at the end of the day. Micah forgot to put sunscreen on him, this picture doesnt do justice. His face was so red, and the next morning he had water blisters on his nose and cheek. Dad learned his lesson.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Britney Spears Concert

Micah and I went to the Britney Spears Concert on April 14th. It was a fun date night for us. Micah took me to my favorite restaraunt Flemings, and after we walked over to the concert.

The Pussycat Dolls opened up for Britney. It was fun to watched them. They sounded really good.

Britney's opening act. Her concert was awesome.

Britney had a lot of costume changes, during one of the changes she had some break dancers come out and perform. That was probably my favorite part, besides the concert itself.

Many different props which was cool.

The stage was great. It looked like a circus, it fit the show for sure. Im glad we got to see her. I had never been to a concert of hers it was very entertaining.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

On Easter morning we did an Easter basket hunt for Talan. The eggs were filled with little clues for him to find his and Tayge's basket.

He finally found the baskets in his bathroom. He was so excited and couldn't wait to play with his motorcycle that the bunny got him.

Im always behind the camera, so I had micah take a picture with me and the boys. Aren't they cute.

Talan and his friend next door (maddox) they are such cute boys, they have so much fun together.
My handsome boys

On Saturday we took Talan to Thanksgiving Point for the Easter Egg hunt. All he could talk about on our way there is eggs.

Daddy and Talan running to get eggs, its amazing how parents end up doing the hunt themselves, there were little kids with full baskets. I think the funnest part is watching them find them and pick them up.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Boys

My dad and the boys

Talan loves to hold Tayge every morning, he prefers him over his shoulder like I hold him or laying with him. He is so soft with him its so cute to see my baby be so sweet to my new baby.

Giving me the look of no more pictures please.
Talan will be playing and will stop and go over and kiss Tayge on the head and then proceed to playing, sometimes he thinks Tayge wants to play and he will use his head as a bike ramp. Its funny but sad for Tayge at the same time.

Tayge is starting to smile and coo a lot. I love hearing his little voice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leaving the Hospital

Mommy and Talan

Welcome Baby Tayge

Tayge Roy Pearson 6lbs. 17 in. born Jan. 22nd 2009 at 11:47 pm. My due date was still 2wks away, but I had a pain on my right side and it hurt so bad that I went into the hospital. They hooked me up and his heartrate was in the 70's and I wasnt even in labor. They watched it for an hour and it didnt get better. I had to have an Emergency C-Section and when he came out the cord was around his neck twice and tight, also my cord was shorter from him being wrapped up so if he decended into my pelvis he would have choked. We are very blessed we went in. As for the pain on my side, I believe it was god telling me to go in. It was different delivery than Talan's. I wasnt expecting a C-section but glad he's here and healthy.

Big Brother Talan, He loved him the minute he saw him. He kept kissing every toe, hand, face.