Sunday, May 31, 2009


Talans friend next door has a little four wheeler and Talan was persistent and wanted to ride it. He has never been on a four wheeler before so our neighbor was teaching him. He rode it around all by himself, he got a hang of it really fast.

Look all by himself, I cant believe how big he is.

Good Job Talan. I cant believe he wasnt afraid of it, he was a pro.

No Talan, you cannot have one.

Tayge 4 Months

My little Monkey is 4 months. Its so crazy. He's growing like a weed. He went to the doctors and got his shots. He did not like them. He weighs 14 lbs and 12 oz. (50%) and is 24" long(25%), poor kid he has no hope for height. Hopefully he gets taller. He is still a happy little boy.

He started sucking his thumb. Its so cute but I cant take his thumb away so I hope it doesnt become a habit.

We put him in his Johnny Jump up and he loved it. I opened up our back door and hung it on the frame and he just stares outside and Talan will swing him. Its cute to see them together. They still amaze me when I see them intract together.


Sucking his thumb again.

Boys can have bling too. Cortney from my work makes the cutest stuff. Moslty beanies and scarves but does cute stuff for babies like bling binkies, and bows and headbands for little girls, and she doesnt forget the boys. This is a binky with black studs. See her website if I had a girl I'd go crazy.

I Love You Monkey, You make everday day a special one. XoXoXo

Memorial Weekend

We didnt get to go out of town for Memorial but it was a busy, fun filled weekend with lots to do. We had a wedding on sat. Papa and Tayge. My dad loves being a grandpa, he is so cute with all the grandkids and has time to give each individual kid his undivided attention.

Tayge had a little cold and I was recovering from food poisioning so dad took a picture of us napping.

So Precious

Tayge slept a lot trying to get rid of his cold. He just laid in my arms while we watched tv.

Our Chocolate Lab Kona

Talan and Keiko outside playing. On Sunday we worked out in the yard all day. The dogs destroyed out plants through the winter by running through the flower beds. So we put up and Invisible Fence so they cant go through the flower beds anymore or they get shocked. They learned so fast. Kona, the one that we thought was the dumbest and probably wouldnt get it and thought the shock was a was a good belly rub was the first to get it. It only took him once to get shocked and he doesnt go near the beds anymore. Keiko on the other hand is a good dog and we thought she would learn the first time and it ended up taking her a few times going through it to understand. So we had to replace all the bushes that they trampled and chewed. Hopefully our yard and plants survive now.

Talan loves these glasses. He is always looking for them and wearing them around. You probably ask yourself, why are they so small? Well thats because they belong to Mr. Potato Head. I dont know why he likes them so much but whatever, he's a kid and its cute.

Daddy, Baby Tayge and Talan. Tayge likes to sit on daddy's lap and watch tv.

While out working in the yard we took Tayge out there and put him in his high chair. He likes to sit up and look around, he loves the outdoors. He started to get a little fussy and it was his nap time so I took him upstairs to nap and he didnt want to be up there. So I decided to put him back in his high chair and recline it. He was out within minutes. He had a really good nap, so bizarre.

We went to Gateway on Monday to walk around and enjoy the weather. We wanted Talan to run through the fountains but he was afraid. Maybe next time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Really Talan?

Ok so while I was blogging my last blog Tayge was in his swing listening to music and Talan was playing in the living room. I start to hear Tayge get a little cranky but its becoming nap time so I tried to finish and then go put him down. I heared Talan in the bathroom so I think he is going potty. He comes into the office and he has Desitin (ya butt cream) all over his face and body. He thinks its lotion, No buddy you have butt cream all over you. So I go into the living room and its all over my coffee table and rug. aaawwwwww, I keep telling myself he's 2 it will get better, but does it? I guess I will have to stick with blogging when they are down for their naps. Its hard to see how much there is on him but take my word for it, its a lot.

I have tried to clean it up but now my rug has faded white spots. I hope it goes away.

The bathroom, and Desitin isnt the easiest thing to clean up. Its greasy, and talans smells and feels like desitin.

Look at that face, so cute but so destructive.

Then I find out that the reason Tayge is crying is because Talan has completely undressed him. He does this all the time and I have yet to know why. Sorry buddy.

And for those of you who dont know this accident I will tell you. Last October Micah and I built a stand for this Halloween Tree we have and we were using a hammer. Well a few days later I was getting ready for work and I heard some banging. I went into te kitchen, and there's Talan with the hammer beating my kitchen table with the fork side of the hammer. While I was trying to comprehend he had this big smile on his face and he thought he was doing something great. Of course my reaction was to scream "Stop", I ran over to see the damage and I see chips in my table. I was astonished, I was trying to tell myself "its just a table mandee, he didnt know it was wrong, calm down". I was proud of myself that I didnt start yelling cause I so wanted to yell at him. I put him in his room and came down to see what I could do to fix it. Luckily its black and a good black marker fixed the job. He was so cute and stood at the top of the stairs saying he was sorry and kept saying, "mommy's mad". Kids, they are so cute and naughty but you gotta love them. Even though times are rough they are so worth it.

Birthday Party!

My Birthday was on the 14th but the girls and I celebrated it on Saturday the 16th. We went to Mikados for dinner and after we went to a party at La Caille (Thats why we are dressed up). It was a really fun night. Thanks girls.

Staci, Me, Jen

These are some of the girls from dinner. I didnt get a picture of the whole group which makes me sad. Maybe someone else did, if I find one I will post.

My friend Bree, her and I work together. Gotta love this girl.

My friend Ivonne.

I was surprised with this dessert plate. It was so yummy and pretty. Those are strawberries carved to look like Ginger flowers. Thank you girls for doing this.

We are at La Caille for a fundraiser. We have a friend that is doing a reality show about being a single mom and they were showing clips of the show and raising money for Cystic Fybrsosis. It was a lot of fun. The show is called The Wanda Show and will be put on Utube. If you want to see it look for it on Utube, if they get a lot of people watching it will go on T.V Good luck to the girls doing it.

This is Wendy, the girl of the night. She is the main girl on the show as well as Alisha, but she isnt in these pics. I dont know her.

Amanda and I

We went to the owner of La Caille's house after the function. His house is amazing, some of these pics are in his house. I would show more but not sure if he would want me too. The way this house was decorated was awesome. This is Sara my BF, love her.

Amanda, Me, Meisha

I know that this may sound cheesy, but for anyone who has a great group of girls will understand me. I am so thankful for the girls in my life. We all have a love and respect for eachother and genuinally care for one anothers feelings and families. We have all been through a lot in life and it's nice to have those friends to help you through the rough times. Someone to share happy memories with; like to laugh with and be silly, the fun late night girl talks, to celebrate marriages, new babies, the phone calls to tell eachother about cute things our kids have said or milestones they are doing, trips and then there are other things that are hard to get through, but with great friends that have love and support it makes it a little easier like; divorces, deaths, and just sad times, someone to cry with when things just arent going the way you would hope. I love you girls and Thank You for all that you have done for me. I hope you all know how much you mean to me. Im there for you in a heartbeat. It just like the song "You find out who your friends are" by Tracy Lawrence.

On my Birthday Micah and I celebrated by going to Flemings (my favorite resturaunt).
After dinner we went to Boondocks to play minature golf.

I totally won, hahahaha Micah would say other wise. We were being silly and if we didnt get close on the first put then we would battle to see who could get it in first by running to the ball and guiding it in. It was fun, I felt like a kid again.

We raced go carts and that was a blast. I dont think I have ever raced a go cart. We did it over several times. And that time I truly won.

I couldnt turn the pic, sorry. But Micah sent me these flowers to work. They were gorgeous. Thanks baby for these, I never get flowers and this was a total surprise. I loved them.

Hubbie and me

My cute boys. Talan made me this flower cookie at school, but he wouldnt let me eat it. He wanted to eat it. Up until my birthday Talan kept saying Happy Mother's day, so when we told him it was my birthday he sang to me for several days after. It was so cute. I love you two, dont ever forget it.